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High Profile SGC

High Profile SGC Name of Institute: High Profile SGC Course Offered By the Institute: 1.Free counseling for studying abroad:UK,US,NZ,Canada,Singapore,Dubai,Switzerland,Ireland,Australia 2. Ielts coaching 3. Campus interview training 4.English Fluency development 5.Online ielts coaching Institute Affiliation (Government OR Private):IELTS Registration centre for British Council Student Benefit from the Course: 1.Improved communication skills 2.Help in choosing appropriate country […]

Language for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams

Language for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams Everyone recognizes the importance of language and communication in professional education. Why can’t Govt take some steps so that students would also try to acquire communication skills in addition to learning science and maths. I suggest this : 1. Communicative English should be one paper for Engineering exams. […]

Success Secrets – Way To Success Leading The Way To Success

Success Secrets – Way To Success Leading The Way To Success In An Era Of Stiff Competition, Success Can Only Be Achieved If One Makes The Right Kind Of Endeavour At The Right Time And In The Right Direction. The Following Are The Seven Mantras For Success : 1. Communication Skills -Most Of What Goes […]

Infosys Campus Interview Questions

Infosys Campus Interview Questions A collection of diffrent infosys campus interview questions for you from students. 2010 – 2011 – 2012 Infosys campus interview and recruitment has two rounds 1.Aptitude & verbal 2.Personal interview Aptitude (duration – 1hr) Basically jus consists of puzzles…Shud be easy for anyone…Jus requires some common sense nd quick thinkin…If ya […]


B A BOOKS Bachelor of Arts BOOKS (B.A. or A.B.) TOPICS IN MATHEMATICS – B.A ,B.SC 2ND SEMESTER by MANISH GOYAL List Price: Rs. 150.00 Best Buy: Rs. 135.00 MICRO ECONOMIC THEORY FOR B.A/B.COM. HONOURS CLASSES by CHOPRA PN List Price: Rs. 160.00 Best Buy: Rs. 144.00 BANGALORE UNIVERSITY B.A/B.Sc.I YEAR by NA List Price: […]