Environmental Engineering Seminar Topics – Seminar Topics Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Seminar Topics – Seminar Topics Environmental Engineering

WATER Seminar Topics 2011
ENERGY Seminar Topics 2011
ENVIRONMENT Seminar Topics 2011

1. Converting Waste to Energy Products
2. GIL: update in high power transmission technology
3. Gas Turbine & Combined Cycle Power Plant
4. Partial Discarge Monitoring
5. Making Desalination Affordable – Al Shuaibah Case Study
6. Green Cables
7. Facts for Grid Reliability & Energy Efficiency
8. Polymer Insulators
9. Waste Water
10. Reducing Carbon footprint 
11. ”"Weir – Advanced Parts Solutions”" for Desal and Power Plant.
12. Overview on chemistry analysers for  water and Waste water Analysis
13. Exploring Business Opportunity with DEWA
14. Emirates Energy Award
15. ”Multi Effect Distillation. How it works and a comparison
16. with Multi Stage Flash evaporation.”
17. Water  saving solutions…….- Vacuum Sewage System
18. The Power of Dow Inside – Performance standard for UG cables with TR-XLPE
19. Safety and Quality
20. Energy and Water solutions proposed by Bonfiglioli Riduttori
21. Electric and Hybrid vehicles
22. Green Buildings
23. A Central Information System for the Integrated Management of Water Resources in UAE
24. MVCS: Next Generation MV Switchgear by Igel Elektronik GmbH, Germany.
Intelligent Metering System (IMS) in DEWA
25. The Environmental Dimension in using the Natural Gas (Green Fuel) as Energy Supply for Automotive Vehicles in the UAE: (  A Green Look  )
26. Ester Transformer Fluids for Improved Fire Safety, Environmental Protection and Operational Reliability

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