Pune University MCA Entrance Exam

Pune University MCA Entrance Exam

MCA course that is Masters in computer application by Pune University is under computer science department if Pune University. Pune University MCA Entrance Exam conducted for every academic year, through which students an enroll for MCA. Pune University MCA Entrance Exam conducted for the students willing to take admission for 3 year full time MCA progamme.

Eligibility required:

Any science graduate with 50% marks at degree level and 10+2 level.

Important dates for Pune University MCA Entrance Exam:

Application form distribution: in the month of Feb.

Last date of on-line application: Last week of Feb.

Entrance exam: In the month of March

Results of Exam: In the month of Arial.

MCA Seat allocation: May and June

Application need to filled online: http ://www.unipune.ernet.in/

Pune University MCA Entrance Exam having exam centers in most of populer cities such as hmednagar, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Jalgaon,

Nasik, Kolhapur, Nagpur in Marastra stae. And  Delhi, Allahabad, Hyderabad also.

Pune University MCA Entrance Exam syllabus:

Syllabus consists of majority of subjects in mathematics and few subjects at degree level. And exams will multiple choice questions.

Set theory: Set operations, relations, functions.

Propositional logic: Formulation, deduction, evaluation, puzzles.

Linear Algebra: Solution of a system of linear equations. Determinant and inverse of a matrix, basic properties of matrices.

Co-ordinate Geometry and Conic Sections : Equations of lines and planes, vector products; definitions and properties of conic sections.

Trigonometry: Identities, computation of heights and lengths.

Differential Calculus: Total and partial differentiation, limit of a function.

Integral Calculus: Definite and indefinite integrals, solution of differential equations, computation of areas and volumes.

Series and sequences: sum, mean, convergence, limit.

Real and complex numbers: surds, solution of equations on complex domain.

Polynomials: solution of quadratic equations, properties of roots of polynomials with real coefficients, binomial expansion, Taylor series.

Permutations and Combinations.

Elementary Probability Theory: Computing probability from combinatorial reasoning, conditional probability.

Contact details:

Department of Computer Science

University of Pune


Pune – 411 007

Website: cs.unipune.ernet.in

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