Robotics and Mechatronics Projects

Robotics and Mechatronics Projects

Are you searching for the PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA in Robotics and Mechatronics For University.
Hi Friends :-) If you are thinking what PROJECT i have to do for my final year Engineering / Diploma / B.E Year Year / B.Tech Final Year for my Robotics and Mechatronics course? How i can do my final year project & any good topic and project reports and project report samples.

As you must know Robotics and Mechatronics is becoming one of the hottest career options in India, i would like to bind all those people together  who are interested in making Major & Minor Project in Robotics and Mechatronics.

This is completely a Robotics and Mechatronics Project Discussion oriented community. you can to accept Project Discussion community and get together. This effort is to help each other in sharing knowledge and able to know Robotics and Mechatronics in this field.

you’re searching for the Major & Minor Project List for the Robotics and Mechatronics in the year 2011 – 2012 and visiting many website for the right website and keep searching website on the web / internet? We update you the latest PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA in the year 2011 and 2012.

2010 – 2011 – 1012 Best Robotics and Mechatronics Project Topics:-
1. Self Guided Pedestrian Crossing Robot for Blinds and Elderly Personals (WALKING STICK)
2. Remote Guided Automatic warfare Gun Vehicle with Laser Target and Wireless Camera Monitoring system
3. Intelligent Tanker Robot for Security Operation in the protected / Affected Area with RF secured Communication – Unmanned & operative
4. Electromagnetic magnetic Type Pick and place robot for material handling
5. Flying Robot with Search & Rescue for an Accident area or Natural Disaster area
6. Embedded controller for traffic controls
7. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model
8. Finger Gesture Recognition using Flex sensors with Voice Output
9. Smart Wind Mill based power Generation System for Mobile Charging
10. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with WAP
11. Path Planning for Blind person using Ultrasonic
12. Ultrasonic based parking Guidance System
13. Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation
14. Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-isolation
15. Two Axis Robotics With Artifical Intelligence (AI)
16. Three Axis Robotics With Artifical Intelligence (AI)
17. TF Based Wireless Multi Axis Robotics with WAP
18. Hardware Design for Pick and Place Robot
19. Fire Fighting Robotics with artifical intelligence
20. Fire Fighting Robotics with AI (Artifical Intelligence) and WAP
21. Intelli mobile robot for multispeciality operations
22. PCB Drilling machine using Cartesian bot
23. Programmable Grass Shredding Robot
24. Automatic Valet car parking System using conveyors
25. Railway pedestrian crossing between railway platform without staircase
26. Conveyor for grade selector and diverter applications
27. Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
28. Land Mine Detectors with Automatic indication using GPS and GSM
29. AI Based Image Capturing and transferring to PC/CCTV using Robot
30. Vision Guided Law enforcement LAND Rovers for military applications
31. Automatic Color Sensing Robot with wireless PC interface
32. Embedded System based Cockpit White box automation
33. Wireless AL Based Fire Fighting Robotics for Relief Operations (smoke/LDR/fireball
34. Wireless AL Based smart Mobile Robot for Materials handling or factory automation
35. Wireless Industrial Security Robot with Motion Detection (PIR SENSOR) System with PC INTERFACE
37. Unmanned FLYING device for surveillance with RF Controller & Wireless camera
38. Self Guided Advanced Robotic Wheel Chair for Emergency patient Transportation
39. system for preset locations
40. Remote controlled Flying Machine to fertilize fields and conduct aerial surveillances
41. IVRS Based Control of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed back
42. Automated Vertical car parking System
43. Voice Activated Multipurpose robots
44. Embedded Micro controller based Nomad Robots for exploration Application
45. Embedded Micro controller based Robots for weather forecasting
46. Wireless AI based voice controlled intelli robot for multispeciality operations
47. Tracking Sun’s path for efficient use of solar Cell with Model
48. Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis robotics with AI
49. Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis robotics with AI
50. Mobile phone controlled alive human detector using robotics
51. A Voice Command System for Autonomous Robots
52. Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair

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