Dot Net Projects Projects – Microsoft .NET Projects

Dot Net Projects Projects – Microsoft .NET Projects
Are you searching for the PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA in Dot Net Projects For University.

Hi Friends :-) If you are thinking what PROJECT i have to do for my final year Engineering / Diploma / B.E Year Year / B.Tech Final Year for my Dot Net Projects course? How i can do my final year project & any good topic and project reports and project report samples.

As you must know Dot Net Projects is becoming one of the hottest career options in India, i would like to bind all those people together who are interested in making Major & Minor Project in Dot Net Projects.

This is completely a Dot Net Projects Project Discussion oriented community. you can to accept Project Discussion community and get together. This effort is to help each other in sharing knowledge and able to know Dot Net Projects in this field.

you’re searching for the Major & Minor Project List for the Dot Net Projects in the year 2011 – 2012 and visiting many website for the right website and keep searching website on the web / internet? We update you the latest PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA in the year 2011 and 2012.

2010 – 2011 – 1012 Best Dot Net Projects Project Topics:- Microsoft .NET Projects

1. Multi Location Networked Mobile Auto Intimsate.

2. Biometric Secured Global Medi-File & Data Retrievals Using Web Services

3. i-Med-Design and Evaluation of the iMed Intelligent Medical Search Engine

4. XML Flyer

5. Bio globalized crime file & Multi Database Spammer

6. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization

7. GSM-GPRS Applied Technology Enhancer.

8. DB Schema.

9. Unique Secured Reality Show Modulator.

10. Normalized Tool for SQL Server.

11. Open Smart Classroom: Extensible and Scalable Learning System in Smart Space Using Web Service Technology.

12. Online News and Advertisement posting.

13. Effective Collaboration with Information Sharing in Virtual Universities.

14. Building construction and cost estimation (Multi Location & Network).

15. Secured Document Parser.

16. KNOME – Open Source Knowledge Base.

17. ITUTE – Network Based Tutor.

18. Globalized Banking.

19. RFID Secured Online Voting.

20. EDGENITTY – SMS Shopper.

21. Mobile Site Call Supporter.

22. Remote Template Manage.

23. Networked Online Artifacts.

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