Bio Medical and CAN Projects

Bio Medical and CAN Projects

Are you searching for the PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA For University.
Hi Friends :-) If you are thinking what PROJECT i have to do for my final year Engineering / Diploma / B.E Year Year / B.Tech Final Year for my Bio Medical and CAN course? How i can do my final year project & any good topic and project reports and project report samples.

As you must know  Bio – Medical and CAN is becoming one of the hottest career options in India, i would like to bind all those people together  who are interested in making Major & Minor Project in Bio – Medical and CAN.

This is completely a  Bio – Medical and CAN Project Discussion oriented community. you can to accept Project Discussion community and get together. This effort is to help each other in sharing knowledge and able to know  Bio – Medical and CAN in this field.

you’re searching for the Major & Minor Project List for the  Bio – Medical and CAN in the year 2011 – 2012 and visiting many website for the right website and keep searching website on the web / internet? We update you the latest PROJECTS FOR B.E/B.TECH/M.TECH/M.E/DIPLOMA in the year 2011 and 2012.

2010 – 2011 – 1012 Best  Bio – Medical and CAN Project Topics:-
1. Zigbee Based Hospital Automation with online graph and WAP
2. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless
3. Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients
4. SMART Coat with biomedical sensors for walking patients Collision/Accident Avoidence system using Ultrsonic Sensors
5. SMART palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF
6. ICU Care Taker-Life Support System using RF with BP Monitoring
7. Medi Care Patient Monitoring System with BP using RF
8. DsPIC Based Automated Peritoneal Dialysis with PC Interface
9. Automatic Anesthesia controller with respiratory system using Heart beat Sensor
10. ICU Support System using RF with BP Monitoring
11. Bluetooth enabled ICU Support System with SMS to Doctors using mobile Phones
12. Micro Controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System
13. Smart Medi Kit- Care Taking System for Elderly Persons/Patients with Auto Dialer
14. Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS system using GSM Technology
15. Medicare System for Hospital Automation
16. IR Based Human Radiation detection online
17. PC Based emergency ambulance calling system
18. PC Based body Temperature measurement and control
19. Automatic anesthesia feeder based on respiratory
20. Synchronized DC Defibrillator with PC Interface
21. Stand-alone Synchronized DC Defibrillator with LCD Interface
22. A Smart Patient parameter reading device using GSM Technology
23. Smart Medical Automated System Handheld Device with Wireless technology
24. Hand Talk-Assistive Technology for the Dumb
25. Real Time Remote Patient Wireless Heart Beat & Status Monitoring using RF Technology
26. A versatile drop foot stimulator for research applications
27. Hand Talk using Flex sensors with voice indication.
28. Finger Plethysmograph for glucometry
30. I-Ball movement Detector
31. Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals
32. Anesthesia Machine Model With AEP Simulator
33. Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR
34. Respiration rate monitor (using piezoelectric sensor)
35. Heart rate measurement by optical method (Photoelectric)
36. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Using Oscillometric method
37. Digital pulmonary function test using Microcontroller (DPFT)
38. ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep
39. Monitoring system for premature babies
40. Web/wap based system for remote monitoring patients with data mining support.
41. RF Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System Using WAP
42. RF Based Medi-Kits for Houses with Emergency Dialer.
43. RF Based Wire less Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
44. Complete automation of automobile control system using CAN
45. Control of process parameters in Industries using CAN
46. Lift controllers using CAN Technology
47. Portable Lift for Carrying House Hold Items
48. Multichannel Missing Event Detector
49. Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication
50. Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
51. Master / Slave Control System for Process Industries
52. Vehicle speed management system
53. CAN based car security system
54. CAN Based Collision avoidance system for automobiles

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