Dravidian University in Kuppam

Dravidian University in Kuppam.

Dravidian University in Kuppam works towards the aim of educating Indians about the national integration with the resources like lectures, research, publication and translations. This university has seventeen departments. Dravidian University in Kuppam has got separate hostels for men and females and the university offers twenty four courses to students to pick from. Speaking about the state Andhra Pradesh, Dravidian University in Kuppam is the first one to get an approval for four year Integrated Choice Based Credit Technique, often called CBCS. With Additional Soft Skills Enhancement Training (ASSET) as part of CBCS, this university excels in providing below mentioned skills to the scholars:
1. Communication
2. Computer
3. Analytical
4. Character Development
5. Career Perspectives

This university aims at providing opportunity to students who require to learn about the Dravidian languages, literature, culture, medicine, modern sciences, engineering, expertise and allied subjects. The university is a lovely addition to the educational society for the purpose of enlightenment around Dravidian culture. For the fulfillment of this purpose, Dravidian University translates books of other languages in Dravidian languages and books written originally in Dravidian languages in other languages. This is completed so that knowledge can flow without any hurdle.

The basic languages which come under Dravidian languages are Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. This university aims at research around ancient languages of India and hence for somebody who desires to learn history, this university is a boon. There’s lots of opportunity to learn lots of unknown facts and truths about ancient languages here.

Admissions: In case somebody is interested in getting an admission in this prestigious university, it is imperative to note down that there’s entrance exams which are conducted in the month of May, every year for this university. These entrance exams are conducted at various places. These exams are conducted at Kuppam, Krishnagiri, Kolar, Chittoor, Madanapalle, Nellore, Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

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