Slogans On Education – Slogans For Education Education Slogans Collection

As The Campaign Picked Up, Children’s Voices Rose Above The Usual Din. They Raised Slogans Such As
“Education Is Our Birth Right”,
“Stop Child Labour”,
“Bacche Mange Teen Adhikaar, Roti Shiksha Poora Pyar”
(Children Demand Their Three Rights – Food, Education And, Above All, Love)”
A 12-Year-Old Student Of St. Paul’S High School, Tarbia Jamil, Also The School Leader, Said,
“child Labour Is A Crime Against Humanity. I Will Work Against Employment Of Children.”
Feeding A Child At School Is Such A Simple Thing – But It Works Miracles.
– Drew Barrymore
“these Children And Their Parents Know That Getting An Education Is Not Only Their Right, But A Passport To A Better Future – For The Children And For The Country.”
– Harry Belafonte
“small Hands Can Handle A Pen Better. Lend Your Support To Abolish Child Labor.”
“fight For The Future Of Young Lives. Who Knows We May Find The Next President Working In A Hotel…”
“world Revolves Around The Children. Children’s Future Revolve Around Education. Stop Child Labor”
“When The Lives And The Rights Of Children Are At Stake, There Must Be No Silent Witnesses.”
“a Century That Began With Children Having Virtually No Rights Is Ending With Children Having The Most Powerful Legal Instrument That Not Only Recognizes But Protects Their Human Rights.”
– Carol Bellamy

“we Got Seats Reserved For Us In Best Colleges!!!
But No Acess To Quality Education,
Why Doesnt Govt Make Us Capable To Do It On Our Own
Than To Offer Seats And Making Beggars Out Of Us???”

“why Do They Send Us A Constant Reminder To Us Of Our Caste???
Why Do Not They Provide Quality Education To All???”

“education For All
Reservation For None
No Creed No Caste
We All Are One”

“deserve Not Reserve”

“50% Reservation ….. 100% Politics”

“death Knows No Caste,
Why Should Life ?”

Reservation Has Gotta Stop!
We Want Equality Back On Top!

“my Merit Is My Caste. What Is Yours?”

We Don’T Need No Reservation(S)
We Don’T Need No Caste System
No Quota System In Education..
Leaders Make It Merit Alone
Hey! Leaders! Make It Merit Alon

“reservation Hurts Equality”
“reservation Divides Indians”

Need Education????
Just Sold Out

Divide And Rule Is Government’s Policy
Reservation Is Lowering Education’s Quality

Reservation Has Gotta Stop!
We Want Equality Back On Top!

“i Use My Right To Protest.. But Will I Be Allowed? ”

Reservation A Fleck On Democracy, Secularism..

Physics : E = Mc2
Politics: Vote = Castex Reservation2

Beware Politicans : Education Is Not Your Playground For Politics !

Britishers Policy: Divide And Rule
Politicians Policy: Divide And Fool

Arakshan Hai Desh Ke Pragati Pe Daag
Ise Hatayega Hamare Aandolan Ka Zag :)

Hath Se Hath Jotana Hai..
Arakshan Ko Mitana Hai

Where There Is Reservation..theres A Seat..
Where There Is Merit..theres A Gate..

Arakshn Ne Hame Kya Diya?Desh Ko Tukdome Baat Diya

Abhyas Kara Pratyek Ksan?Shevati Sarva Hiravun Gheil Arakshan

Do Har Bacche Ko Puri Shiksha ?Mat Dalo Arakshan Ki Bhiksha

Vina Arakshan Sikhe Har Baccha?Yahi Desh Ka Nara Saccha

Arakshan Ahe Gunwattevar Var Nahi Sahan Karnar Amhi Ha Atyachar

“i Was Born Intelligent, Education Ruined Me”……………

“i Learned…………inspite Of Education”

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