Reliance Interview – Reliance interview questions papers Reliance aptitude questions

Reliance Interview – Reliance interview questions papers Reliance aptitude questions

tech round
it was tech round for the name only.all h.r. round questions were asked…..
1. describe your self.
2.what are your strengths?
3.what are your weaknesses?
4.have you been involved in any group activity in your college?
5. any extra curricular activity.
then some technical questions were asked…
are you comfortable in thermodynamics?
6.what is i.c. engine?what are different types?
7.which type shuold be used when?
8.if you are going to buy a car, which type should be used?
then some questions on c were asked…
9. what have you studied in c?
10. can you write any program using c?
11. explain different types of sortings?logic of bubble sort.
12. what are different data types?
13. what is calloc, malloc?
14. what is data structure?.
15. then i was given an oppurtunity to ask any question.
i asked one question and tech was over!

tech round was very simple for oozing with confidence i entered in the h.r. was sitting.i wished him and he told me to take the seat…then came the expected and the most repeated questions..
1. why tcs?
2. what do you know about tcs?
3. you are a mechanical engineer.then why you want to join tcs?
4.have you any plan for higher studies?
then he asked me if i have any thing to ask…ididnt missed the oppurtunity and asked a question…..and the m.r. was over

i was expecting the call for the third and final round…it came much early than i expected…i entered the room but not alone…with me two more students wre there..
a lady was seating and she asked all of us to take the seat…we all sat…
then she was asking the same questions to all of us one by one…here it goes…..
1. tell me something about tcs,other than what you have heard and seen in the ppt.
2. where do you see your self five years here after?
3. what are your hobbies?
4.lot of mechanical eng are opting for tcs, why?
5. are you ready to work any where in india and abroad?she jokingly told me that i will be sent to chennai….
6. then she told us that we have to sign a bond at the time of joining,breaching it wiil lead to a penalty…
we all expresed our consent….
the last to questions gave me the hint that we are all most selected..then as before we were given a chance to ask any question, and none of us missed the oppurtunity
so it was all over…the very next day came the results, and names of all the three of us were in the list….
this was my little but most cherishable experience..hope this stuff will be beneficial for you guys…..

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