Infosys Campus Interview Questions

Infosys Campus Interview Questions

A collection of diffrent infosys campus interview questions for you from students. 2010 – 2011 – 2012

Infosys campus interview and recruitment has two rounds

1.Aptitude & verbal
2.Personal interview

Aptitude (duration – 1hr)

Basically jus consists of puzzles…Shud be easy for anyone…Jus requires some common sense nd quick thinkin…If ya lookin for some model puzzles…U shud try out shakuntala devi’s puzzle books…Ther r two vols in all… The tuffer puzzles r from george summers puzzle book i think…

Verbal (duration – 30 mins)

Very easy questions…Basic knowledge in the language grammar is enuf…Jus some fill up the blanks…Nd spot the sentence wit error type questions!!!…

Personal interview

No tech interview
Only hr…Sooo…They test ya mainly on ur communication skills…Nd put u in some decision makin situations…Jus be confident in wat u say…Doesnt necessarily need to be the perfect answer!!!…Jus stay calm nd answer…That oughta do…Nd expect some puzzles too…

Soo…As u can see…Infy’s one of da easiest companys to get into……Sooo hope the info helped…Nd all the best…Frm me nd the community!!!…Hope to see ya in infy!!!…

I’ve jus given u a brief explanation…If at all u got any doubts…Do post them here…The community members’ll be very happy to help ya out!!!…

Do everything he told.. But do concentrate on previous question papers also..!
Make sure u r done with the shakuntala devi’s puzzle books(both vols) at any cost. Go for the previous question papers available at freshersworld.Com, chetanas.Com,myhangoutsite.Com

The more the papers u do the more u get confidence.. Most of the papers are repeated.
As already said verbal is very easy and the time is sufficient. Preparation is not required for the verbal i guess. All it consists of is “find the mistake in given sentence”.. “fill in the blank with appropriate word”.. “given a passsage answer the questions”..
That is all i remember abt the verbal part.

Coming to the interview.. Be cool and answer aptly, puzzles will be asked. Prepare for the hr questions.. These are also available at various sites..
Be prepared to speak on a topic for 1 min..He tests ur communication and how well is ur english nd how cool u r.
Remember one thing, the puzzles he asks at the interview will be having a small litigation in it, catch hold of the point rite, u can answer it easily.

For eg:
A^b + b^a = 756, give the values of a and b.
When he asks these sort of questions at interview, he means that it doesnt take much time to solve it.
For the first time i took a lot of time to solve it.. But later i realised a=755 and b=1.
A school boy stays in the xth floor of a building. He uses the lift to go down the building, but while going upstairs he uses the lift till 6th floor and thereby climbs up the stairs..Can u explain..!
The answer is bcz he is a school boy, he is short and cant reach the button x in the lift.. The max button he can reach is 6 so.. He uses lift till 6 and then goes by walk.
So usually at the interview the q’s are simple provided u catch hold of the point correctly

Hope u read the entire thing .. And it is helpful for u..
All the best.

Questions & answers

Infosys interview questions….
1) write a query to find out latest stock in the table ?

Product inventory date

A 10 may 2004
B 15 feb 2005
C 18 feb 2006
D 20 nov 2007
A 55 october 2007
B 100 september 2007

Ans – select * from table where product=’b’ and date= (select max(date) from table)
This will help u to fine latest product details
Select *
From table
Where product=’b',date=( select max(date)
From table
Where product=’b’
Group by product

He asked query for the latest stock of product b ..
Can any one give me query ?

2) he asked abt which is the best database in between od and metadata ? And why ?
3)wat is the datatype of mpe songs and videos ?

Tips for infosys campus interview
Interview tips
It would be more like a friendly chat than an interview, but don’t get carried away, think once before you speak. Be honest and cheerful, no tension at all.

Just do the puzzles of shakuntala devi & practice hr questions.If u clear the apti u hv 90% chance to get selected.
They ask general hr ques..
Nd may test ur reasoning capability.
They wont ask u programming but may ask bout ur favorite subject
Or smthing related to it .

They have asked me the questions related to strengths which i have mentioned in the resume and also the justifications for that….
Also, he gave a situation and asked me how can i manage it….
There r no questions related to subject…
He asked questions regarding the projectss…
It took 12-15 mins

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