ICICI Bank Interview – ICICI Bank Interview Questions Papers ICICI Bank Interview Questions Answers

ICICI Bank Interview – ICICI Bank Interview Questions Papers ICICI Bank Interview Questions Answers

Had The Interview Yesterday At Mumbai. 4 Panel Members, 4 Questions.

1) Who Can Be Elected As The Prime Minister Of India ?
2) Imagine That You A Cfo Of A Banking And Financial Services Company. How Will You Draft A Dividend Policy For Your Company ?
3) “derivatives Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Do You Agree ?
4) Why Do You Want To Enter Banking ?

I Had My Gd & Pi Yesterday At Hyd, 2Nd Session, It Started Off Very Late But Ended Quickly….
Gd Topic Was “india Is Going To B A Super Power By 2020.is It A Possibility R A Hype”
And Interview By 4 Members , Each One Taking One Topic To Shoot At Us…….!!!
1 Imp Thing V Came To Know Frm Sme Sbi Official Hu Came Fr Doc Verification Is That, Sbh Is The Next Assoc To B Merged With Sbi(Confirmed, As Per His Source) N All The Employees Of Sbh Shall Become ‘ees Of Sbi Frm The Day Of Its Merger And No Disparities In Payscales, Work Profiles, Perks, Facilities R Even Promotions…..!!!
Isnt This Smthng Good For All Of Us….!!!:):)

I Had My Interview On 7Th Oct 2010 At Hyderabad.

Gd Topic Was The Same As Mentioned By Prasanthi (Above)

Interview Was Very Short – Only 10 Mins??

First Question
Why Banking, U Being An Engineer??
Structure Of Banking System In India?
Standards Followed In Banking? (Hinted About The Basel Norms)
Regulations In Banking?
What Are Scheduled Banks?
Pointed About A Few Point I Made In Gd And Asked About That?
What Is World Bank??how Many Member Countries Does It Have(I Guessed It 160)??
What Is Sdt??
What Are The Other Similiar Organisations Like World Bank Internationally And Regionally ??(The Panel Was Very Helpful And Made Me Answer The Question).

Overall A Very Easy Going Session.you Just Need To Be Cool.the Panel Are Usually Very Amicable And Helpful.
The Only Tough Part Was That They Made Us Wait For 4 And Half Hours .

Anyways All The Best To All Of U!!

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