IBM Daksh Interview – IBM Daksh Interview Questions

IBM Daksh Interview – IBM Daksh Interview Questions

interview questions
there was 3 rounds :
1 tech
2 MR

1. tech :

1. Introduce yourself?
I did.
2. What is your favourite subject?
3. What is difference b/w stack and queue?
4. Tell me the software lifecycle?
5. What are diff types of models used ?
I said waterfall, prototype,spiral.
6. Differentiate b/w any two?
I diff b/w waterfall and prototype.
7. What is difference b/w dbms and rdbms?
8. Project related questions?

2. MR

1. Introduce yourself?
2. What are your plans after 5 years?
3. why TCS?
4. why should i hire u?

3. PI/GD
(we were 6 persons in a room)
1. Short introduction?
2. Questions on hobby?
3. She told us to select a topic?
we discussed on it and then each one of us was supposed to summerise.
4. end

tech round
q1: introduce urself
q2: what is the objective of your life
q3: what are the subject u r comfartable in?
me: c,c++,dbms,se
q4: explain software life cycle model
q5: how many normalisation are you familiar with
me: i told 4 1st normal form,2nd normal form ,third normal form and bcnf
q6: explain with example
q7: what is dml,ddl? give examples?
q8: questions related to my project were aked?
me: i answered all question relating to dbms side of project like
what is session but relating to i was little uncomfortable.
if u dont know say no with smile.
q9: so u know shell scripting( they will have profound look on your resume)
q10: what was the first shell?
q 11: which shell havre u worked on?
me: i answered bash shell
q12: whats the difference?
q13: what type of worked u done on bash shell?
q14: explain . give me example of ur work ?
(they looked satisfied with my answeres)

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