Group Discussions In Bank Exam – Group Discussions Topics Group Discussion and Interview. GD And INTERVIEW

Group Discussions In Bank Exam – Group Discussions Topics Group Discussion and Interview. GD And INTERVIEW

GD topic – Do Traitors and Abettors deserve human rights ?
The GD is actually a Group Discussion ! They don’t expect any arguments at all. Firstly, 5 min given to everyone after the topic to think abt the points. Then 3 minutes to every candidate to put forward his/her points without any interjections. If he/she exceeds for 3 minutes, that will go against him in scoring under “Poor time management”. After everyone has spoken, there will be an open discussion where any one can speak but for just 1 min and that too only once. And again no interjections allowed. So there is absolutely no room for any fights, no fish markets, no loud shouting, no cutting each other out etc. Its a very smooth process.

The interviews were going very smoothly. Most of the students were asked from their bio-data form itself. You will have to sign on your attendance as you enter the hall. The GD seating and the interview order will be as per the serial number mentioned in your attendance sheet.

*They were making it VERY strict to produce the fee receipt for those who didn’t submit it during the written test. People who didn’t have were made to contact to the branch where they had submitted it and asked that branch to fax it.

*Those who don’t have the application printout, need not worry. They will just ask for your date of birth and they will take it themselves

*In case you don’t have the certificate(s), will have to sign an undertaking for producing them in case of appointment.

*In case you are not able to bring the identity certificate, you will have to produce some of identity proof ( PAN card, Passport etc )

*For the 3 required copies asked about your bio-data, its better to take the copies of the first page and the enclosure page as well. They themselves say its not asked, but they end up taking the copies themselves and you have to wait unnecessarily.

*Don’t forget to take your bus / train reimbursement.

*Everyone was way too co-operative. They made sure it was a pleasant atmosphere for the candidates.

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