BPO interview questions – BPO Interview Questions and Answers

BPO interview questions – BPO Interview Questions and Answers

A collection of the various diffrent BPO interview questions for you.
interview questions
This is Vishwa.I’m searching job in BPO Sector(*Voice & Non Voice).
I don’t know abt the structor of the Interview.
Plz Provide me Sufficient info Abt the Interviews,means Wat type of Questions& How many rounds……..

Frequent questions
If you are applying for voice or non voice following things are mandatory.

1. Stability – Sticking on to a job for minimum one year to learn and grow. No company can give hike or promotion in 6 months so dont expect and get dissapointed.

2. Flexibility – Ready to work in shifts

3. Salary – Accept whatever salary is offered if you are a fresher in bpo industry. Because once you get experienced you can demand salary of ur wish.

Voice :

- Slow rate of speech, Clarity in voice and thought, Keep things simple, Dont use jargons

- Should know basics of computers

Non Voice :

- Good at MS office and typing

if you follow these basic steps u can get job in any bpo.

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