Topics For Debate – Current Topics For Debate Recent Topics For Debate

Topics For Debate – Current Topics For Debate Recent Topics For Debate

Suggest debate topics
Hi this topic is for people to suggest topics for the debate which can be then taken up during the debate sessions in the college.
The idea is to come up with meaningful topics which will touch us in some way or the other. The forum can also act as debates on the topic suggested :)

Debate topics…
This is a small initiation by me,
I think we shud have a debate in our community
We can debate on each topic for two days, and then move on to the nxt topic, this will help us to sharp our knowledge base and we can come to knw what other people are thinking…

Lets use this thread to post topics on which we can discuss, any person after 2 days can pick a topic from here and start a new thread for the necessary discussion….

Some topics which can be discussed are as follows you also post topics on which we can debate…

1) privatization will lead to less corruption

2) voting rights to illiterates in india is illogical because it is widely misused.

3) science is a boon or bane

4) arranged marriages are better than the love-marriages

5) media’s role in the gossips of bollywood?

6) reservation in indian society

7) india needs a benevolent dictator for the next five years.

8) india vs china

9)indian culture v/s western culture

10)how to deal with international terrorism.

11)do banning fashion shows and new year parties saveour culture?

12)large states are better governed than smaller states

Kindly leave your topic here on which u think we can arrange a debate..

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