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Essay – Essay Topics List Of Essay Topics. A coolection of essay topics those help you in your School & College for Exam & also help in GD Group Discussion & you can make it few Seminar Topics

Essay topics for mains 2011
Which r the important or expected topics for essay for this year mains 2011.
Each one can contribute the topics they feel is important and we can get some points on such topics. Which is the topic u think is important?

As for as essay no such topics can be guessed…But we must have an eye on the possible events, which in turn effect Indian system in any field.
But out of five, we need to write one…That one must be our the best.
Out of five only one or two can be guessed by happenings around us, say moral policing, indian diaspora in australia, many things directly seen in gs paper ii…
But other questions also contain quotes like, statement like, proverb like things, which can be prepared well.
But as suggested by top scorer in essay Sofia faruqui 150/200,
Never prepare for an essay…It must come spontaneous. For that you must read lot.
Keeping this in mind also, for our knowledge exchange, we can surely discuss some hot topics, which will mould our mind in building a sound knowledge base.
Keep going…

1. Terrorism
2. Global financial crisis
3. On environment
4. Food crisis
5. Judicial reforms..,,any topic related to judiciary,
6. Women empowerment- (reservation in pri-50)%
7. Internal security related topic
8. Education reforms related topic
9. Recession and domestic violence
10. Naxalism
11. Education
12. Judicial reform
13. Globalisation
14. Climate change
15. Internal security
16. Corporate governance
Education reforms, India 60, judicial reform, women reservation, is article 377 relevant in present
Public broadcasting in India ( 50 yrs. Of doordarshan), public health (swine flu), role of media, menace of terrorism ( 26/11 attacks), electoral reforms, criminalization of politics ( ls polls),women’s emancipation ( 50% reservation in pri’s)..
The topics in brackets are the reasons for the essays.

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