Youth Entrepreneurs For A Developed India

Youth Entrepreneurs For A Developed India

Yo Indian Youth

For over 4 years I’ve been obssessed with one single idea. For any developing nation to achieve a developed nation status (economically), there is one major factor that surfaces all the time. History and Statistics have proved it for US, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and many more.

The answer is Entrepreneurs! They drive the economy! They are the ones who bring in the money. They are master sales people! They invent ways to create more products and more money!

Even Dr. Abdul Kalam for the past 2 years has been stressing the importance of entrepreneurial education in school and college main stream education. Now, why would a man of such great wisdom wanna say this? Its pretty simple logic.

More Entrepreneurs -> More Companies
More Companies -> More Products
More Products -> More Exports
More Exports -> More Gdp
More Gdp -> More Growth
More Growth -> Developed Nation

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