Which study is better today MBA OR CA OR CS

Which study is better today MBA OR CA OR CS

MBA for Master of Business Administration, CA for Chartered Accountant and CS for company security.

In present days of compaction it’s always important for every professional to understand and know what individuals want to do in there future.

Here is some comparison to do with.

If u want to do MBA firstly think why and in what?

Means are u good in keeping relation then go for MBA in HR.

if u r good at influencing people means if you are words can attract people to do what you want go for MARKETING or HR if u r good at putting you are views and loves sports go for MASS communication if u think you are good nos. and love to play with them go for FINANCE that is how one has to analyses the things.

Few people say that CA and CS give you les return. But that’s not true.

Well MBA degree holder can’t even think how much can n CA or CS earn.

To give u just a hint

A CS (company secretary) earns 75000-100000 pm as per govt. norms (at job) personal practice can take them anywhere. CA no limit in personal practice and in job start for fresher is around 5-6lac. Well recently we have seen some guys getting in core but u all are forgetting one thing its a gross amount which they are getting after deducting their tax, HRA, etc… They are just taking home nearly the same amount as others…

Talking about the knowledge part a CA n CS has much more knowledge

Then MBA how?

CA n CS has the comprehensive study about the subjects of law, audit, and finance which is known as MAFA in CA, Accounts, Direct and Indirect taxes, Systems (computer) etc…. and certainly agree to the last but one point in MBA

Legal managers its good combo of both.

Conclusion is the thing which matters is in trust all the degrees are good and help in earning good money.

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