Importance of Anthropology course in modern society

Importance of Anthropology course in modern society

Anthropology is basically holistic study of human being.Anthropos means Human and Logy means to study. Physical anthropology studies human variation n evolution.

Anthropology course is important to study gap between generations:

Sociology tends to confine itself to the study of the modern world – cities, post-modern cultures, etc. – certainly that is how the discipline is viewed in the West. Anthropology course, on the other hand, whether socio-cultural or otherwise, studies all societies, whether of the past or the present, whether modern, post-modern, or those which are referred to as ‘primitive’ or ‘traditional’.

Anthropology and anthropologists have participated in such debates and anthropology as a body of knowledge and methods has grown substantially over the past 100 years. It is not my case that anthropology has finally has a coherent, concrete identity with no debates or discussions. However, it is certainly true that the fundamental principle of anthropology, from specific to general using comparative method, remains core to anthropological identity. No other discipline than anthropology can claim to provide a mental framework to its student which can be used from making sense to data collected on human biological and social diversity to evidence on human prehistory and ecology.

Anthropology course deal with economy, politics, demography, past and present policies, govt involvement, social environment simultaneously to arrive at final conclusion and which is more viable and sound as it covers all factors to effect anthropos (Humans).

Anthropology course branches:

- Socio-cultural Anthropology.

- Prehistoric-Anthropology

- Physical or Biological Anthropology.

- Applied Anthropology

- Linguistic Anthropology

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