CAD Training institutes in India

CAD Training institutes in India

Now CAD/CAE field is a fast growing industry in India and abroad as well. If you wanted to remain in CAD field, you just have to expertise yourself in any one or two CAD software’s eg: Pro-e, CATIA, UG, IDEAS and lots more. The Choice depends on the type of CAD field you want to work or the type of Industry u wishes to join. Present days most of the projects which the services providing companies in India are dealing are regarding Automobile sector and Aerospace sector. Basic requirement to join training in CAD is individual must be Mechanical/Automobile/Aerospace engineer (B.E, or diploma).

Job opportunities:

We have thousands of industries in India and across globe using more then 1000 deferent types of CAD tools. But major tools are Pro e, UG,CATIA,IDEAS.Solid works and Auto CAD.Presently there is lot of openings for CAD engineers in major IT companies of India such as ITC info tech,Infosis, Mahindra Satyam,Wipro etc.Apart from such leading IT industries OEMs such as General motors,TATA,Mahindra etc are recruiting CAD engineers in large scale.

Salary /remuneration:

Generally it will be around 10,000 – 15,0000 rupees for fresher or with 1 Year experience as it will touch 6 figures with experience of around 8-9 years.It’s always important for an engineer to gain the domain knowledge along with CAD packages.

There is lot of institutions providing CAD training in India. Some of the

Top CAD institutions are below:


2.CADD Centre – across the country

3.CAD-CAM Guru – Pune

4.CITD Hyderabad

5.IGTR, Indore Ahnedabad

6.CIPET – across the country

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