Bachelor of Engineering ( BE or BTECH ) and Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

MCA is better than BE coz a MCA student has more knowledge than a BE student,,,,,but we see tht there r more jobs for BE rather than MCAssss.
yes MCA has better value than that of BE.
regarding job,well now a days MCAs are getting gr8 jobs.
above and all the fact is that BE ppl also need to do M.E in computers,coz in graduation the subject u study are half way.
i suppose shaili is saying right BE is much better than MCA if we see frm job perspective bt if u want to see frm education side then MCA is all d decission is urs…all d bst

hi , it depends upon ur current setuation at present that u are willing to do MCA and looking backward for a BE degree.. if u are a fresher for joining into BE then go for BE else go for mca. Regarding which one is better among BE(cse) and MCA then it depends upon the institute and its syllabus from whr u are persuing ur degree .In one word MCA’s of reputed institutes are far better than BE’s of non reputed institutes quality wise and reputation in industry wise . In general mca’s are more specialised in programming, apllication development , appllication languages and BE’s are more specialised in core languages such as system architecture etc.
As per the job prospects many core companies looks for only BE
(cse) but in many non core companies MCA’s are given more pay package than BE’s while joining as MCA’S are considered in Post graduation pay scale…

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