CATIA V5 Interview questions – Difference between CATIA Questions

CATIA V5 Interview questions – Difference between CATIA Questions

1)    Difference between stacked dimension & chained dimension mode while using auto     

Constraint option?

In stacked dimension all the dimensions will be measured with respect to the reference. In chained dimension the dimensions will be measured one with respect to other.


  2)    What is the difference between symmetry command and mirror command?                                                                                                              

In Symmetry command, the original sketch is deleted and the new one is created

About the reference plane but with the help of mirror command we can retain both the new one and the original sketch about the reference plane.


5)      Difference between trim and quick trim?

In trim option, we can extended a line along with trimming of other unwanted elements, in quick trim we can only trim a line or curve and we cannot extend or shorten it.


6)      Difference between axis and construction elements?

Axis is visible in part design mode and can be selected but construction elements are invisible in part design mode and are not selectable.


7)      What is the difference between spine and spline?

SPINE: - creates a curve passing through a point on a plane &normal to one or more other planes.

      SPLINE: - Creates A Curve passing through several points having tangential curvature continuity.


8)      What is the difference between ISOLATE &SEPARATE?

ISOLATE: deletes logical link between the elements

SEPARATE: separate lines, curves &faces from their links with others.

Elements: EX:- A curve is considered as separate when it is linked to only one surface.


9)      What is the difference between PARAMETRIC SOLIDS &NON-PARAMETRIC SOLIDS?

PARAMETRIC SOLID:-Relational model is parametric i.e. One to one relation if any change in dimension that may reflects on other dimensions.

NON-PARAMETRIC SOLIDS:- developing a solid by using surface ,face, solid primitive etc, there is no one to one relation.

10)  Difference b/w PAD &MULTIPAD?

A pad is used for single profile & multipad is used for multi profile sketch.


11)  What is difference b/w creating design table from current parameters &from pre existing file?

1)      Create design table from current parameter values: – check this option when you want to create a design table from a subset of the document parameters you just have to select among all the document parameter values.

2)      Create design table from pre existing file: – check this option when you want to create a design table from the values of an external file.


12)  Difference b/w PASTE & PASTE SPECIAL?

PASTE: - option in contextual menu enable us to simply copy and paste one location to other. But

PASTE SPECIAL: - option let the original one and us to maintained link b/w pasted feature. Any changes made to the original features, will be seen in the copied if we want & we have liberty to delink the original & copied feature.


13)  How do you differentiate positive and negative body?

A positive body is the one which when assembled with another body it gets added and negative body is the one which when ASSEMBLED with a positive body wile get subtracted & it will get added if BOOLEAN OPERATION, ADD is used instead of ASSEMBLE


14)  What is the differences b/w assemble & add /remove?           

In ASSEMBLE the nature of the bodies to be assemble are taken in to account. It means, if a negative body is assembled with a positive body it gets subtracted. But if we use add command for the same to bodies then they will get added irrespective of their nature

(+ Ve or –ve) nature REMOVE COMMAND is same as that of the ADD & thus it will not respect the nature of the bodies.


15)  What is the difference b/w affinity &scaling?

SCALING: – resizing the body to the scale that you specify, in all the directions equally.

AFFINITY: – resizing the body the scale which you specify, in a particular directions only, specified by you.


16)  What is the difference b/w join & heal?

Using join command we can join the surfaces & using the heal command we can fill the small gap b/w the surfaces.


17)  What is the difference b/w save, save as, save all &save management?

Save: – using this option we save all the currently opened / modified files by old name.

Save as: – using this option using this option which are currently opened/ modified by different name other than the earlier one.

Save all: – using this option we can save all the files, even though which are not opened.

Save management: – the flexibility of the option ‘save management’ lies in the saving of the all files under different names & in different directories simultaneously.


18)  What is the difference b/w coincidence & contact constrain?

Coincide type constraint are used to align elements, depending upon selected elements you may obtain CONCENTRICITY, COAXIALITY or COPLANRITY…to create coincidence constrain b/w a whole system their must have the same direction & same orientation in product.

Contact type constraint can be created b/w two planes, faces (directed planes)

The common area b/w two planar faces can be plane (plane contact), a line (line contact) or a point (point contact) …


19)  What is the differences b/w parametric &non-parametric modeling?

1)      Relational model is parametric i.e., one to one relation. If any change in dimension that may reflects on the other dimensions.

2)      Developing a solid by using surfaces, face & solid primitives etc. there is no one to one relation is called non parametric modeling.


20)  What is the difference b/w part, component & product?

PART: - within the assembly workbench, it is either a part of the part design workbench, or; 3D entity whose geometry is contained in a model.

COMPONENT: - A reverence integrated in an assembly. A component possesses characteristics related to how it is integrated in an assembly. (EX: – its relative location in an assembly).

      PRODUCT: - a 3D entity which contains several components.


21)  What is the difference b/w POWER COPY & UFC?

Parameters can be edited in power copy, which is not possible in UFC.

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