Problems Our Education System – Whats Wrong With Our Education

Problems Our Education System – Whats Wrong With Our Education

Organised Education makes any induvidual dumb
Look around you for living proofs.
Am I one of the victims, not sure though

wrong in education
Education is means to reliaze our true potential and then refine it by working on it.
But today this doesnt seems to be case. Here every student is judged with same criteria that how much they can mug and vomit in examination halls.
I believe every student is unique so we cannot use the same type examination/grading system to jugde the individual capability.

I find our education system to be very one-directional. Children are taught to accept without questioning. Understanding does not seem to be a priority. My young cousin can read and write hindi, and rattle out a hundred word answer, but has no idea what it means. In his last exam, he wrote all the right answers to all the wrong questions.:)
i am very impressed with the montessori method of teaching. the focus is on learning through experience. and children are taught life skills like decision-making and leadership from a very young age.
i met this girl who was taking a course in chennai.on montessori. there were students from all over the world. i think there is a school in bangalore they have upto the equivalent of std 10,i think. and i think some international schools use the concept. from what i hear, students who study montessori are at a much higher level than those who study in conventional schools

It brings stereotypes
Today’s education promotes stereotypes. It reinfornces what has been prevailing for years. The mindsets, attitudes and background of teachers/education adminstrators reflects in their classroom situations.

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