Business In India – Most Profitable Business in India

Business In India – Most Profitable Business in India

These are all new Profitable Business in India & growing day to day.

1. Plastic Bag Making Business
2. Bottled Mineral Water Plant
3. Printing Business
4. Paper Cup Making Business
5. Potato Wafer Making Business
6. Start Food Processing Business in Low Budget
7. Soft Drink Making Plant In Low Budget
8. Real estate
9. Sale of rajasthani & traditional jewelery
10. Export of spices,food products,candles,etc.
11. Furniture making business
12. IT Products Also Known As A IDIQ Multi-Award
13. Enterprise Contact Center
14. System Development & Integration & Testing Also Known As A SDI&T Also Known As A Multi-Award
15. Inventor’s Assistance Center
16. IT maintenance and technical support for Trademark’s TRAM automated information system applications
17. Accounting Support Services for Finance
18. Finance Clerical Support Services
19. Patent Academy Training
20. Document Services Program Support
21. Clerical and Administrative Services. Office Managers, Progam Analysts, Data Clerks.
22. Trademark Clerical Support Services
23. Broadband-Trademark/Trademark Work at Hom Also Known As A TWAH
24. Patent Cooperative Treaty Also Known As A PCT search
25. Patent Cooperative Treaty Also Known As A PCT search
26. Information Security Consulting
27. Electronic to print postcards
28. Mail Center Services
29. Print Patent Grants
30. Color Patent Plant Prining Services.
31. OED clerical supports services for basic phone, customer service, mail processing, file maintenance.
32. Comp Ops Spt Svcs & Clerical, Labor & Fac Mgmt spt.
33. Data Preparation, capture, & validation services
34. Document Translation Also Known As A Multi-Award
35. Security Guard Services
36. Patent/Trademark Office Support Services
37. Recording and reconciling financial transactions
38. Public Photocopiers & Reader-Printers
39. Patent Data Capture Also Known As A PADACAP
40. OHR Operations and Customer Svc Support
41. Engineering and Architech Services.
42. Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture, & Integration Also Known As A IDEAI Also Known As A Multi-Award
43. Information Technology Facilities Mgt Also Known As A FM Svcs
44. Pre-Grant Publication Also Known As A PG PUB Classification Services
45. File Repository Maintenance & Support Services
46. Management Consulting
47. USPTO Contact Center Services
48. Information Security Consulting
49. OCIO IT Help Desk Services
50. Information Technology End User Support Also Known As A EUS Services

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